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Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to share some tips with you guys since I have been placing more orders at the online retailer, SheIn. They have a huge inventory with a wide variety of styles, and the best part is they are VERY affordable. This is a great place to stock up on trendy items without breaking the bank. Sometimes though, the items can be hit or miss so I thought I would share my advice for shopping there since I know a lot of people have questions about things like sizing, quality, shipping, etc.

Always read the reviews: This is important! I’ve never ordered anything off of this website without reading the review first. Sometimes if there is no review, I won’t order the item just to be on the safe side. I especially love reviews that contain customer photos. Seeing the item on someone else is super helpful to me when placing an order and it helps me to gauge what size to get for myself.

Take advantage of the sizing chart: All of the clothing items have a sizing chart so if you are on the fence about what size to order, take a look at the chart. I know measurements can be a pain, but if you pay attention to them you are more likely to wind up with the correct size!

Order in advance: When ordering from SheIn, you can expect your order to arrive within 2-3 weeks. I know that is a longer time frame compared to other online retailers so if you have a trip/special event coming up that you are ordering for make sure to place your order in advance. I know there are a lot of people who pay for expedited shipping so they can avoid waiting 2+ weeks, but personally that’s not something I want to pay extra for if I don’t absolutely have to.

Returns: I’ve returned a couple of things that I’ve ordered in the past and to be honest, the whole process is a hassle. You have to submit what they call a “ticket” in order to be able to send the items back. Between dealing with customer service, making a trip to the post office, and paying for return shipping, it’s almost not worth it to make the return.

Watch YouTube hauls: A great way to get a feel for the fit/quality of items is to watch YouTube hauls! Some people may not think of this, but there are a ton of videos out there that talk all about clothing from SheIn.

I hope some of these things help you if you have been thinking about placing an order at SheIn! Overall, I’ve had a positive experience with them and I will continue to order from their website. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions that I didn’t cover 🙂

xoxo, Debra

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