Hi, guys! Sorry I have been so MIA recently. I got sick a couple weeks back and just didn’t feel like getting out in the cold weather to shoot outfits. I’ve also been helping out the CPA firm I used to work for during the month to help with their year end work, so I’ve definitely been busy! I’m excited to be back today and I’m sharing some Valentine’s Day date ideas incase you are drawing a blank on what to do!

Stay home and order Chinese takeout or pizza – This is probably what I prefer to be doing on Valentine’s Day. You can avoid the crowds and wait times and have a nice romantic dinner right at home. My ideal night would include binge watching whatever Netflix show we are into at the moment!

Cook dinner together – Here’s another idea if you are wanting to stay home, but want to eat something a little fancier. I love cooking together because 1) I hate cooking and I prefer to have some help in the kitchen 😉 and 2) it is a great way to spend quality time together. Don’t forget to throw in a bottle of wine and/or a plate of brownies!

Play a round of mini golf – Okay, let me add this to my list of things I want to do! I think this is such a great idea for a fun date night and it’s super affordable. Great for you competitive couples. Loser has to buy ice cream!

Go for a couples massage – If you want to get fancy, then book a couples massage at the spa. I’ve personally never done this, but it would be perfect for a relaxing night.

Barnes and Noble date – I don’t know about y’all, but we could walk around the book store for hours! Just grab a drink/treat from the cafe and then spend time checking out the new releases and skimming through books in the overstuffed chairs.

Try a new restaurant – If you are willing to brave the Valentine’s Day crowds, then I would recommend trying a new restaurant you’ve never been to before. I am always finding new spots to eat at & I think it makes for an exciting date!

Those are all of my ideas for V-Day date night! I’m almost positive we will be ordering some kind of takeout and watching a movie on the couch! That is one of our favorite things to do anyway, and plus, we both hate crowds! Haha. I hope you found something you might like to do on Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

xoxo, Debra