5 Favorite Beauty Products Under $15

Hey y’all, happy Thursday! I know I share a lot of high end products here on the blog, but I also use multiple drugstore products in my daily routine so I thought I would round up my favorites for you today! In my opinion, drugstore beauty products have improved tremendously in the past few years which is great news for everyone. These 5 things are tried and true and I can’t recommend them enough!

The Falsies Mascara – I’ve been using this mascara for so many years I lost track. It is the best mascara I’ve ever used for a few reasons. 1) It does not clump or leave tiny little black specs on your face throughout the day. 2) It adds so much volume and curl to my lashes, much better than a lot of high end mascaras I’ve tried. 3) It is so easy to take off at night. I honestly prefer this one way more than the Dior Overcurl mascara – it’s that good!

St. Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse – This stuff is a great alternative to more expensive tanners like Loving Tan and St. Tropez. It’s affordable, easy to apply, doesn’t leave streaks, and doesn’t have a terrible smell. What’s not to love?!

Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation – I started using this stuff after Casey Holmes recommended it in one of her videos back when it first came out. She has oily skin like I do, so I usually love all of the same products she does and this was no different! I wear this foundation to work every single day and save my higher end foundation for the weekend. You really cannot beat this for the price. I even wore it when I was in a wedding last year because it is great for photos!

Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder – I use this in the shade “Precious Petals” and it’s my fave! It has kind of a rose gold tint to it and it’s so beautiful on the tops of your cheeks. It’s by far the best highlighter I’ve found at the drugstore.

NYX Butter Gloss – Okay, these are extremely popular for a reason. They are super affordable and they come in a huge range of colors. My personal favorite is a nude/pink called “Creme Brûlée”. I really love it on top of Urban Decay’s “Naked” lipstick, it’s one of my favorite nude lip combos! You should definitely pick up a few of these the next time you stop in the drugstore 🙂

I would love to know your favorite beauty products under $15!

xoxo, Debra

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